McAdam: Sox can't just simply duplicate 2013

McAdam: Sox can't just simply duplicate 2013
November 6, 2013, 11:00 am
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The Red Sox are your World Series Champions . . . but if you think the band is going to all get back together and repeat that feat next season the same way they did this season, Sean McAdam has news for you.

"You cannot put the genie back in the bottle. So as John Farrell noted the other day, when the Duck Boat parade ended Saturday, so did the era of the 2013 World dChampion boston Red Sox.

"Most, though not all of those players will be back . . . but the point is you can't recreate what happened from this past season. It was a special - some would even say magical - season that included the team kind of bonding with the city over the Marathon bombings back in April. And it's impossible to have that same dynamic, and for that matter thanks to the business of the game it's impossible to have the same roster and payroll as you had a year ago."

Bob Neumeier builds off McAdam's point, saying that the Sox are in a better position this offseason.

"My experience in sports in baseball or football or basketball or hockey, tells me when a team wins a championship, the old saying don't fall in love with your players," Neumeier said. "You need to upgrade the roster each and every year. They are in excellent shape to do just that. The farm system is well-stocked. They have many, many options at a variety of positions unlike last year. So this is truly a 180-degree flip from where we were last year."