McAdam: It's a break for Lackey

McAdam: It's a break for Lackey
October 26, 2011, 11:49 am
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Sean McAdam thinks a year away from Boston may help John Lackey as much mentally as physically.

"Apart from having to get the elbow repaired and get back to full health, this guy seemed . . . on a number of occasions . . . like he was an athlete in personal crisis," McAdam told Jessica Moran Tuesday on SportsNet Central after news broke of Lackey needing Tommy John surgery, which will sideline him for the 2012 season. "Remember the postgame tirade in Toronto at the end of May where he said, 'Everything in my life stinks right now'; we had the meltdown at Yankee Stadium in September when they were clearly some issues . . . off the field in his personal life; he's dealing with a lot.

"It's been a tough adjustment for him here. People were wondering, 'How would he . . . transition to Boston?' The answer, after two years: Not very well. Combative with the media, the target of fans, and not performing on the mound.

"Maybe some time away is not the worst thing for John Lackey."