McAdam: Buchholz continues to get accused of doctoring

McAdam: Buchholz continues to get accused of doctoring
May 3, 2013, 8:00 pm
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Clay Buchholz allowed two runs for Pawtucket in what is expected to be his final minor league rehab start Thursday night.

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Clay Buchholz made headlines for all the wrong (and perhaps imaginary) reasons Wednesday night when Toronto broadcasters Dirk Hayhurst and Jack Morris accused him of doctoring the ball.

On Friday, Hayhurst wasn't backing down from those accusations.

"I said that Clay Buchholz cheated," said Hayhurst. "In the technical sense of the word he absolutely did and I stand by that.

I got nothing to apologize for, nor will I apologize for. Boston can fill up my Twitter feed with as much anger and hate as they want but the truth of the matter is you go blatantly to your forearm, you go to your hair, you go to your mouth, all those are rule breaking... if you do it we're going to say look at him he's loading up the baseball."

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price tweeted his support for Buchholz, noting that with success comes haters.

Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam says the Red Sox aren't giving the accusations any credence.

"I think they're kind of dismissing them as not very substantive," said McAdam "But the fact that the umpiring crew did not say anything to Buchholz, the fact that John Gibbons and the coaching staff did not make any comments or questions, the fact that no Toronto hitters in that lineup in the game on Wednesday night asked to check a ball, which is pretty common if players think a ball has been loaded up… I think the Red Sox are dismissing it as the work of some team broadcasters who, let's face it may not be the most objective source."

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