Helton: Red Sox show 'ultimate class'

Helton: Red Sox show 'ultimate class'
September 26, 2013, 10:15 am
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It was a love fest at Coors Field on Thursday night as the retiring Todd Helton played his final home game for the Rockies, but the affection wasn't just flowing between Helton and the fans.

The Red Sox showed Helton a lot of love, too.

The whole Sox roster stayed in the dugout during the pregame ceremony for Helton -- who homered and doubled in the Rockies' 15-5 loss to Boston -- and several Sox players were on the field after the game to say goodbye when Helton and his teammates circled the stadium one last time.

And Helton appreciated it.

"That was ultimate class," he said of the Sox' gestures. "What a class act. I'll never forget that."

There may have been more, too. Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki told reporters that Red Sox starter Jake Peavy had informed Helton before the game: "I'm going to throw you all [fastballs]." It was a fastball that Helton hit for a home run in the second inning.

"I think Peavy just did me a favor," Helton said. "He's a good dude, and he probably just helped me out right there."

Peavy, of course, wouldn't admit to that . . . but he wasn't shy about expressing his admiration for Helton.

"I just wanted him to know how much I appreciated the way he went about things," Peavy said. "Me and Todd have had many, many matchups like we had tonight, and I'm not going to miss him in retirement on the baseball field.

"To be the leader he has been and was to these guys, just the class he always competed with, the respect he always showed and always voiced — I wanted to show that I appreciated that."

And later, he took to Twitter to reiterate those feelings: