Gomes: 'Couldn't pick 24 other guys to battle with'

Gomes: 'Couldn't pick 24 other guys to battle with'
October 14, 2013, 1:30 am
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The magical season continues on for the Boston Red Sox.

Down 5-1 in the bottom of the 8th inning, the Red Sox loaded the bases for David Ortiz . . . and he delivered the first pitch into the Red Sox bullpen to tie the game.

In the bottom of the 9th, Jonny Gomes legged out an infield single, advanced to second base on the throw to try to get him at first base, then advanced to third base on a passed ball with Jarrod Saltalamacchia up at the plate.

Saltalamacchia sent him home shortly after with a single past former Red Sox shortstop Jose Iglesias, and the comeback was complete - the Sox won, 6-5.

Gomes joined the guys on CSNNE's Playoff Central after the win to discuss.

"You guys just did that replay in my ear about Big Papi's grand slam, and that's real life goosebumps right there, I'm not going to lie," Gomes said. "I was just thinking getting undressed how fortunate, how lucky I am to play with some of these guys in that clubhouse. And with that, unbelievable atmosphere here in Fenway Park. This crowd would not allow us to lay down, I tell you the truth. Twenty-sixth man, home field advantage, whatever you want to call it man, but this crowd was unbelievable tonight."

Coming back is nothing new to the Sox this season. It's been programmed in their DNA.

"I guess I couldn't pick 24 other guys to battle with in a situation like that. Tonight's game matters. 162 games before this do matter to build a character and identity for situations like this.

Gomes mentions comeback wins over Cleveland and Seattle, and says the Sox are battle-tested.

"Still all fight in the dugout. There wasn't one man down."

The Red Sox have had trouble against both Tigers starters, and have actually struck out a staggering 32 times in the first two games. While they may look lost at the plate at times, Gomes is quick to commend the starting pitchers on Detroit for such dominating performances.

"I have to do nothing but absolutely tip my hat off to Sanchez and Scherzer. Tigers fans, Sox fans, baseball fans, don't get used to that. That was just two unbelievable outings by those starters. That's why home field advantage is so important. To get that last crack in the bottom of the 9th."

Game 3 will be Tuesday at 4:00 PM in Detroit, and what could have been an 0-2 hole, is now a 1-1 series tie that has the Sox feeling pretty good.