Is Dustin Pedroia worth $20 million per year?

Is Dustin Pedroia worth $20 million per year?
July 22, 2013, 9:15 pm
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In a summer in which the AL East-leading Red Sox have improbably been the least-talked about squad in the Boston area, a recent, and potentially huge, development ushered in some much-deserved attention.

On Friday, Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan reported that the Sox and Dustin Pedroia were in talks on a contract extension that could be worth more than $100 million for the All-Star second baseman. The deal is reported to be between 5-6 years and the per annum salary in the range of $20 million.

This is good news for Pedroia and for Red Sox nation, as the diminutive but scrappy 29-year-old has long been a fan favorite.

But is that amount of money for a non-power hitting second baseman a little much?

The Boston Herald's Steve Buckley sure doesn't think so.

"He's worth it to this team because he's an iconic player in this market," Buckley said on Uno Sports Tonight. " If you can pick one player in baseball, one that we know, who would not let the money deter him from playing at his maximum best, would that not be Dustin Pedroia?"

Indeed, if Pedroia is known for one thing it's certainly not mailing games in. So, even if paying big money to players can always be a frightening proposition, Buckley is not worried the Sox will be burned if this deal goes through.

"Guys are always paid on what they've made, not what they're going to do and that's always been the big crux of paying players to begin with," Buckley said. "The question is, will you get value on the dollars moving forward. I believe that they will because of the stuff we already talked about."

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