Do Sox owners & Cherington share the same philosophy?

Do Sox owners & Cherington share the same philosophy?
July 24, 2013, 11:30 pm
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It may have seemed like the unthinkable just a year ago, but Red Sox ownership and Ben Cherington appear to be in agreement on where to go with the current team.

This comes at an especially important time with the trade deadline just a week away, and some big decisions to make. 

The consensus appears to be that the Red Sox won't mortgage their future in exchange for short-term success. And Gary Tanguay, Lou Merloni and Joe Haggerty like the direction that this takes the Sox in down the road.

"I've been a big critic of Ben Cherington, he certainly didn't get off to a good start," Haggerty said. "How could you argue with what's going on with the team right now and what he's done? And if you're ownership looking at the moves that he's made, looking at where the team is in the standings, looking at the full houses every night, the ratings at least stabilizing and all the stuff, how can you not be impressed with that?"