Is Cherington getting enough credit?

Is Cherington getting enough credit?
September 22, 2013, 10:15 pm
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The Red Sox starting rotation has been mowing down batters lately, and looks to be peaking at the right time.

The guys on Sports Sunday - Lou Merloni, Dan Shaughnessy, and Michael Holley - discuss the rotation right now, and they agree that it's one of the strongest in the AL.

"To me, they have a rotation that's good enough to win it all," Merloni said. "It's the postseason though. Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball, over 33 starts, but on one given day he might not be. So it's just the randomness of the game, but they have a staff as good as anybody."

It's a drastic turnaround from last season. Shaughnessy discusses how big of a role manager John Farrell had in the success.

"The day he showed up there was instant respect and communication," Shaughnessy said. "Most of them had pitched for them - the important guys at least. There was command, respect, it as mutual, there was communication, all the stuff that was missing last year. So that gave everybody a good start off the jump. I think it's a key contributor. [Juan] Nieves gets credit."

Merloni doesn't think Nieves is getting enough credit though. And speaking of not getting enough credit, Holley thinks Ben Cherington doesn't get enough credit for the way he built the team this season.

The guys list all the big moves Cherington made from Mike Napoli to Shane Victorino to Koji Uehara to Mike Carp, and on and on.

They seem to realize how good of a job Cherington has done, but do the masses give him enough credit?

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