Is Tom Brady to blame for loss?

Is Tom Brady to blame for loss?
October 6, 2013, 9:00 pm
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With the Patriots first loss of the season, fans are trying to figure out who they should place the blame on.

Right now, most of the blame is falling on the shoulders of Tom Brady, who led the offense to its fewest points scored in a game since 2006.

Michael Felger, Troy Brown and Mike Flynn discussed who had the most to do with the loss.

“The thing most responsible for this loss was the passing game,” Felger said. “Brady’s part of it, obviously, the receivers are part of it. I think the receivers for the most part today, got their hats handed to them. There were about a handful of drops. They would have been tough catches, but they’re still drops.”

Another cause for the concern was the way in which Brady and the offense finished the game, as Brady went one-for-ten down the final stretch.

“The end of the game, that’s where the best players in the league elevate their game,” Flynn said. “Brady is one of those guys. Regardless of the patterns that you are running, there were three or four bad throws in that sequence. That sequence at the end of the game, wasn’t good enough on Brady’s part and probably wasn’t good enough for the group. I don’t put the whole game on [Brady].”

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