Theismann: Brady is one of top three QBs all-time

Theismann: Brady is one of top three QBs all-time
August 7, 2014, 2:00 pm
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Upon re-hearing that someone had placed Tom Brady outside the NFL's top-five quarterbacks this offseason, former Redskins Super Bowl winning quarterback Joe Theismann scoffed.

"I'll tell you something, whoever decided Tom was not a top-five quarterback obviously knows absolutely nothing about football," Theismann told our Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran earlier this week. "They really don't. I thought that last year was one of his finest years ever because he had a whole new cast of people around him, a lot of young players around him, and he lost basically one of the best tight ends in football at that period of time in Gronk. You lose Wes [Welker], you bring in Julian [Edelman], you got [Kenbrell] Thompkins, you got all these receivers around you. That's the biggest thing to me is how do you play when you don't have that great complement around you? And [Brady] played at an extremely high level again.

"Somebody forget to tell them that [the Patriots] went to the AFC Championship Game the last three years? You don't get there with an average quarterback. You don't get there unless somebody's really great. Especially with young guys around you."

Theismann took things one step further, too. According to him, not only is Brady among the best of the best right now, he's among the best of the best all-time. 

"To me, you could make the case, the three greatest quarterbacks that ever played the game of football [are] Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana. Pick one. You give me the three, I'll tell you why I think they're the greatest. [Brady]'s part of that. When they say he's not a top five quarterback today, I don't know who they think is better."