Tanguay: Tebow is going to make the Patriots

Tanguay: Tebow is going to make the Patriots
August 27, 2013, 9:30 pm
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Kirk Minihane joined Gary Tanguay on Sports Tonight (and they didn't almost come to blows) where the two discussed . . . who else but Tim Tebow!

The question to those guys isn't whether or not he should be cut - he should, according to them - but whether or not he will be cut.

Neither Minihane or Tanguay think he will.

Both expect Tebow to make the 53-man roster due to the thinking that Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels think of Tebow as a longterm investment.

But maybe the Patriots could trade Tebow back to the Jets or over to the Bills? Both of those teams are in disarray right now heading into the regular season, as their quarterback situations get worse by the day.

Who will end up dead last in AFC East? Tanguay and Minihane discuss that, as well as when to expect Rob Gronkowski back on the field.