Tanguay: Patriots holding Wilfork 'hostage'

Tanguay: Patriots holding Wilfork 'hostage'
March 24, 2014, 9:15 pm
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Vince Wilfork has asked for his release . . . the Patriots have not released him yet.

Clearly, Wilfork was not happy with the restructured deal the Pats proposed to him. But at the same time, perhaps the team is willing to budge (or they're waiting for Wilfork to reconsider) on the deal.

Either way, Gary Tanguay says the Pats should grant the tackle's request and cut him so he can find another team.

Tom E. Curran says not so fast.

"Where's Vince Wilfork supposed to get a job five months removed from an Achilles blown?" Curran asked Tanguay. "Who's going to hire him right now? There's no job waiting for him.

Tanguay counters: "The Patriots should let him go so he can negotiate."

Then he asks Curran if NFL teams have told him they wouldn't sign Wilfork right now because of the Achilles injury.

'Well if you look at it this way, with Vince Wilfork having the Achilles, nobody is going to give him $7.5 million dollars which is what the Patriots are due to pay him," Curran said. "Additionally, they'd be paying him $14 million over two seasons and he's not even going to start this year and just came off a year in which he played three-plus games. I think they're completely - and I like Vince and I think he's going to be a great player again and has been a great player - but I wouldn't want to pay this guy $14 million dollars for an indeterminate amount of games."

Tanguay is holding strong on his Wilfork stance though.

"Why are they holding him hostage?" he asked. "They're holding Vince Wilfork hostage right now."