Sharing an engrossing study of 2014 TE class

Sharing an engrossing study of 2014 TE class
February 24, 2014, 12:30 pm
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The Patriots need a complementary tight end for Rob Gronkowski.
A guy who -- when Gronkowski isn’t broken -- can line up wide, in the slot or in tight. A guy who can catch and be elusive after the catch. A guy who won’t get arrested for murder.
And when Gronkowski is broken, this guy needs to be able to approximate some of Gronk’s traits.
The NFL Combine is -- for many -- the first introduction to the 2014 draft class.
And what happens at the Combine is given outsized importance.
If you’re a scout or coach, does a 40-yard sprint in February while wearing shorts mean more to you than a third-and-8 play in the fourth quarter of a close November game when a player either shrinks from or fights through contact to make/drop a throw that seals/blows a game? Right. I agree.
The tight end class is intriguing and diverse and I have to credit and direct you to some work done by Greg Peshek who worked up all the stats and metrics on the principal guys in this tight end class.
Peshek breaks down every play for Jace Amaro, Eric Ebron, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, Richard Rogers and Troy Niklas and looks at the types of routes they ran, where they caught the ball, what they did after they caught it and MORE.