Ravens lament defensive game plan vs. Pats

Ravens lament defensive game plan vs. Pats
December 27, 2013, 1:15 pm
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Dean Pees wants to take the lumps for the Ravens’ defensive lapses against the Patriots last Sunday.

Pees, the former Patriots defensive coordinator who authored an excellent game plan in last year’s AFC Championship game, said his focus going into Sunday was taking away the deep part of the field.

That, Pees said, opened Baltimore up to ground gashing.

“We were going to be a little more vulnerable to the run because we were not going to let Tom beat us down the field,” Pees told the Baltimore media. "And the only time really we didn’t get beat down the field was the interference call on Jimmy. I think that is the only deep ball, and that really wasn’t caught. I’d like to comment on it; I won’t.”

Why the Ravens were wary of the Patriots beating them downfield is a mystery. Without Kenbrell Thompkins and Josh Boyce, the only outside-the-numbers threat of note was Aaron Dobson. Want to mess up the Patriots’ slot-types? Muddle the middle and make them work outside the numbers. Don’t keep your safeties back and out of the running game or put too much on your linebackers.

Pees also said he put a little too much on his group in terms of installing new schemes.

“There were some things that I had done against Tom when I was at New England every day in practice, and just because we did them up there doesn’t necessarily mean they were going to be good here,” said Pees. “And when you try to put something in that’s really pretty new, you’re not always going to get the formation that you practiced in practice.”
Pees has had more good game plans than poor ones but last Sunday, he might have overthought it.