Postcard from Patriots training camp: Day 15

Postcard from Patriots training camp: Day 15
August 13, 2014, 11:30 am
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FOXBORO - The Patriots and Eagles avoided going indoors for their joint practice, instead playing on the wet practice fields behind Gillette Stadium. With this one being closed off to the public, we'll give you some details on how it looked.

Rain. And lots of it. It's why the practice was moved up to 9 a.m. and why the session was closed to the public. The lightning held off, though, which meant the teams remained outside for the two-hour workout. Things wrapped up about a half-hour early as the rain continued to fall and players were hustled indoors to either meet with media or continue down into their respective locker rooms. 

Full pads. Red non-contact jerseys for the quarterbacks. White jerseys for the Patriots and Eagles defenses. Blue and green jerseys, respectively, for the Patriots and Eagles offenses.

Jerod Mayo was missing from Patriots practice for the second consecutive day. No new information on his whereabouts for the time being. Undrafted rookie tight end Terrence Miller was also missing, as was DJ Williams, Cameron Gordon, Michael Hoomanawanui, Chris Martin, Jeremy Gallon, Sealver Siliga and Chris Jones. 

Tavon Wilson, Ja'Gared Davis, Kanorris Davis, James Anderson and Bryan Stork were around but not taking part. 

Compared to Tuesday's practice there was much less special teams work as Bill Belichick and Chip Kelly opted to focus on 11-on-11 periods. 

The practice began as usual with the normal installation and warmup periods. After some individual positional work, the teams joined up for some one-on-one drills. After some punt and punt-return work for both teams, they then advanced to 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 work. 

* Jamie Collins had a day. The Patriots linebacker was all over the field, getting his hands on footballs in 7-on-7 drills and being in the right position to make tackles on multiple occasions during 11-on-11s.

* Julian Edelman continues to put together a very impressive camp. The Patriots receiver obviously has a good thing going with Tom Brady, but on Tuesday Edelman showed his impressive hands when he was on the receiving end of wet throws that weren't always perfectly placed.

* Even in the wet weather, Brady went 11-for-17 in 11-on-11 work. He did have one fumble when he lost his handle on the ball attempting to make a throw, but otherwise it was a relatively accurate day for No. 12 in conditions that didn't allow for many pinpoint throws.

* We counted dropped balls, for Brian Tyms and Wilson Van Hooser on Wednesday. Tough conditions to get a good grip. 

* Devin McCourty has relayed Bill Belichick's message to his safeties before: "Get the [expletive] back." He failed to do that on one rep early in the 11-on-11 period and was burned by Jeremy Maclin for a long touchdown.

* Stevan Ridley appeared to get most of his repetitions with Ryan Mallett and the second-team offense on Wednesday. James White got a number of reps with Brady and the first-team offense, as did Shane Vereen. White has impressed the Patriots coaching staff and his own teammates this summer, and his emergence could have implications for Ridley's use. Still, as Tom E. Curran and Mike Giardi note here, when given his opportunities, Ridley has run hard and held onto the ball. 

* Brandon LaFell and Tom Brady continue to show solid chemistry -- something that LaFell spoke to after practice. Even on their incompletions, Brady seems satisfied with what LaFell's doing. On one pass, Brady took blame for a ball that was just beyond LaFell's reach. In the next rep, LaFell and Brady hooked up for a nice completion in the back of the end zone when Roc Carmichael appeared to have LaFell smothered. 

* Brandon Browner and Logan Ryan got into a bit of a shoving match with Carmichael during Patriots punt return work. Carmichael was trying to get off the vice block of Browner and Ryan, and the three continued their physical play a touch after the whistle. In two days of joint practices, it was the closest thing to a scrap we've seen, which says something about the discipline both teams have exhibited. 

* Ryan had an up-and-down day on Wednesday. It started early in the one-on-one period when he made an interception of Nick Foles but was also called for a penalty when he grabbed Jordan Matthews' jersey. Later in the practice he tipped a Foles pass that was picked off by Patrick Chung.

* Alfonzo Dennard had a good showing in one-on-ones and looks completely healthy. In contested situations, there may not be a Patriots cornerback with a better vertical leap. 

* Rob Gronkowski did very little work today because the two-hour practice was so dominated by 11-on-11 work, during which he's still not a participant. Normally he gets extra reps with Brady whenever possible, but his day on Wednesday was spent mostly standing in the rain. 

* When the Patriots got into their dime package during Philadelphia's two-minute hurry-up they used some interesting defensive personnel. Zach Moore (who appeared to injure his leg but came back later in the practice) was at defensive tackle. Safety Nate Ebner was in slot. McCourty and Duron Harmon were at safety with Malcolm Butler and Brandon Browner on the corners. As usual, Rob Ninkovich, Chandler Jones, Jamie Collins and Dont'a Hightower were also out there.

* The Patriots offensive line continues to give various looks with players in different spots on almost a snap-to-snap basis. Dan Connolly and Ryan Wendell both got time at center, with Connolly appearing to get more of the repetitions. Marcus Cannon filled in at both tackle spots. Logan Mankins never moved from left guard, but Josh Kline saw plenty of action at right guard. Jordan Devey -- a practice squad player last year -- appeared to work in at both guard and tackle. 

* Ryan Mallett got more reps under center than he did on Tuesday, but he still appears to be moving gingerly. 

* Jimmy Garoppolo didn't wow with his throws on Wednesday, but he was accurate on short attempts and appears to go a very good job of coming off his initial reads and getting his eyes on his second and third options quickly.

* Patriots coach Bill Belichick nearly took out Philadelphia's best receiver early in the 11-on-11 session when Maclin ran a route into the deep middle portion of the field. Belichick, just observing the play, accidentally got in Maclin's way, forcing the receiver to awkwardly change stride.

* Brady's last 11-on-11 rep of the day had both him and Edelman fired up. When Brady found Edelman in the back of the end zone for a score, Edelman reacted with a Gronk spike and Brady met him soon after for a celebratory head-butt.

* The Patriots hosted Hall of Fame MLB manager Tony LaRussa, a longtime friend of Belichick, for a visit. Former pitcher Dave Stewart was in attendance with his former Oakland Athletics manager.

* Brady to Vereen on the sideline.
* Brady complete to LaFell on a shallow cross.
* Brady complete to Edelman down the sideline.
* Brady complete to Tyms on a dig.
* Brady incomplete to Edelman in the end zone. Ball was thrown behind a touch.
* Brady complete to Edelman short.
* Brady incomplete to LaFell. Overthrown in the back of the end zone.
* Brady incomplete to Amendola on a quick out. Ball overthrown.
* Brady incomplete to Edelman.
* Brady complete to Amendola short on the sideline.

* Mallett complete to Bolden in the flat.
* Mallett complete to Boyce on a deep out.
* Mallett complete short to Boyce over the middle.

* Garoppolo complete short to Boyce near the goal line.
* Garoppolo incomplete to Tyms in the back of the end zone.

* McCoy run up the middle. Collins there to make the tackle.
* Collins stops McCoy again.
* McCoy run to the left. Hightower there for the stop.
* Sproles run up the middle. Vellano wraps him up.
* Foles finds Maclin deep down the middle. Got behind McCourty for a touchdown.
* Foles to Matthews in the flat. Hold called on Benn.

* Josey run up the middle.
* Josey back up the middle.
* Sanchez incomplete. Couldn't find a receiver and threw it out of bounds.
* Josey run off tackle. Ebner there for thud about 10 yards down the field.

* Brady hands off to White for a short gain.
* White run to the left.
* Brady's pass batted down by Ryans. Intended for LaFell.
* Edelman runs a reverse around the left end.
* Vereen run around the left end.

* Ridley run up the middle. Finishes run strong through thud.
* Mallett hands off to Bolden for a long gain running behind the left side.

* Bolden run to the right side.

* Foles screen complete to Smith. Collins closes near the sideline and punches the ball loose.
* McCoy run around the left edge.
* McCoy run up the middle.
* Foles completes screen to McCoy. Collins first one to the ball.
* Foles incomplete. Revis flagged for illegal contact on opposite side of the field.
* Foles incomplete. Good coverage by Patriots. Throw went out of the back of the end zone.
* Foles fumbles snap but completes pass to Benn near the goal line.
* Foles incomplete for Maehl. McCourty with him the whole way.

* Josey run to the right.
* Ertz catches screen. Will Smith there quickly for the stop.
* Sanchez complete to Ertz.
* Sanchez complete to Ertz over the middle. Zach Moore limping badly after the play.

* Vereen run up the middle.
* Brady complete to Edelman on a quick out.
* Brady completes a deep out to LaFell near the sideline.
* Brady incomplete deep down the middle. Both Tyms and Boyce were in the area.
* Brady incomplete to Vereen deep down the sideline. Johnson called for pass interference. Questionable.
* Ridley run up the middle from six yards out.
* Kline pancakes defensive end Cedric Thornton on a short run by White.
* Connolly flattens defensive end Taylor Hart, giving Brady an extra second to hit Vereen on quick out in the end zone.

* Mallett incomplete to Tyms. Should've been caught by Tyms.
* Mallett incomplete to Bolden. Ball thrown off the mark and near Bolden's feet.
* Mallett incomplete Wilson Van Hooser. Ball bounced off Van Hooser's chest plate.
* Mallett complete to Boyce on a crossing route.

11-on-11 two-minute
* Foles complete to Smith in the flat.
* McCoy run to the outside.
* Celek catches one from Foles near sideline. McCoy runs through a big hole up the middle. Foles complete short to Benn. Revis breaks on it quickly.
* Foles to Sproles in the flat.
* Foles pass broken up by Browner. Flag on the play.
* Sproles run up the middle, Collins there for the stop.

* Sanchez to Maehl. Harmon there for the stop.
* Sanchez complete to Ertz.

* Brady hand off to Vereen to the left side.
* Brady complete to Thompkins on shallow cross. (Wendell in at center for hurry-up period.)
* Brady completes screen to Vereen.
* Brady complete to Vereen short on the outside.
* Brady complete to Amendola over the middle.
* Brady complete to Thompkins short on the outside.
* Brady hands off to Vereen on the outside.
* Brady complete to Thompkins. Good grab by Thompkins. Ball thrown slightly behind.

* Mallett complete to LaFell on a short hitch.
* Ridley run up the gut.
* Ridley run to the right.
* Mallett complete to LaFell on another short hitch.

* Garoppolo hands off to Bolden.
* Garoppolo complete to Bolden over the middle.
* Garoppolo incomplete to Hartsock. Ball forced into double coverage.
* Garoppolo hand off to Bolden.
* Garoppolo complete to Jonas Gray on a screen.
* Garoppolo incomplete.
* Johnson runs a reverse around the left end.
* Garoppolo complete to Van Hooser over the middle.

* Foles complete to Benn.
* Foles incomplete. 
* Foles incomplete.
* Foles complete to Matthews.
* Foles complete to Ifaneyi on the outside. Makes Browner look short.

* Brady incomplete. Too high for LaFell.
* Brady incomplete out of bounds to Thompkins.
* Brady drops ball as he's about to make a throw. Flag also thrown in the backfield for what was likely a hold.
* Brady incomplete. Pass batted away by Eagles defensive backs.

* Foles incomplete to Benn. Butler breaks things up in the end zone.
* Foles incomplete. Spiked it into the ground near Sproles who was covered well by Hightower.
* Foles pass tipped by Logan Ryan, picked off by Patrick Chung.

* Brady complete to Edelman over the middle. Good grab by Edelman on a ball behind him.
* Brady complete to Edelman in the back of the end zone with Carmichael in tight coverage. Edelman spikes the ball in celebration. Brady meets Edelman in the end zone to a head-butt.

"Put some galoshes on and go play." -- Chip Kelly before going out for practice on Wednesday morning.