'Playing the percentages' that Hernandez is not guilty

'Playing the percentages' that Hernandez is not guilty
July 10, 2013, 8:30 pm
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Steve Buckley joined Gary Tanguay and Lou Merloni on UNO Sports Tonight for "Playing the Percentages," and among the questions asked was the percentage that Aaron Hernandez is found not guilty for murder.

While all three seem to think there's a good chance he will be found guilty, none of them have ruled out the possibility of him being found not guilty, including Buckley.

"My first thought was given the overwhelming evidence that's being put out there, I'd say the chances were zero that he's found innocent of murder," Buckley said. "However, mitigating factors, evidence, the gloves don't fit, we've seen it happen before, so I'm gonna go with the safe 40 percent."

The other two topics they played percentages on included whether or not the Celtics will be too good next season to get a high draft pick, and if the Bruins will regret the Tuukka Rask deal in the long run.

Find out their answers in the video above, and give us your percentages in the comment box below.