Pats not overly concerned with Manuel's mobility

Pats not overly concerned with Manuel's mobility
September 5, 2013, 2:15 pm
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FOXBORO -- When necessary, EJ Manuel can run. But from what they've seen of the Bills' rookie quarterback on film, the Patriots are expecting him to try and stay in the pocket more often than not, come Sunday's Week 1 game in Buffalo.

"He ran a little bit," said Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich after Thursday's practice. "He's a mobile guy, so, quarterbacks that can move a little bit, they have some challenges, as far as being able to run and throw the ball. It comes down to the D-line having good pass-rush lanes, and everyone doing their job keeping him in the pocket.

"Quarterbacks that can run, you've got to keep them in the pocket," added Ninkovich. "You want to let them throw the ball down the field, and not give them big rush lanes opening up so that they can just step up and run for 10-15 yards at a time."

Patriots defensive lineman Tommy Kelly expressed a similar assessment of Manuel. Only, he also shot down a certain comparison in the process.

"He runs a little bit, but he tries to stay in that pocket," said Kelly. "He tries to stay in that pocket and get that ball out of his hands. He'll run when it's necessary, but to say he like Michael Vick, nah. But he's definitely a threat though."