Parcells: 'Things settled down' under Krafts

Parcells: 'Things settled down' under Krafts
July 17, 2013, 3:00 pm
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The Bill Parcells Pro Football Hall of Fame speech is coming. Finally. 
What stories will he pull from 31 years in the league? It's hard to imagine. But the former head coach of five franchises did let reporters pick his brain on a conference call. 
Parcells didn't talk much about his 1993-1996 tenure with the Patriots. When he took the helm, New England was a rehabilitation project, not hardly the annual Super Bowl contender it is now. 
He recalled that now 20-year old first impression gently. 
"I was a little bit surprised, not so much at what the attendance or that was, because I know Boston and New England are good sports fans. I felt like if you could do something, they would come."
It's fair to say he did something. Parcells won 1994's Coach of the Year Award after guiding New England to its first playoff game in eight seasons. A Super Bowl appearance followed, just two seasons later.
"The organization itself was in quite a bit of turmoil and flux and change, and that continued for a while until the present ownership got in place and things settled down," he said. "Obviously."
Parcells didn't elaborate on the Patriots or "present ownership," which may not be a bad thing. He's already admitted regret for past power struggles with Robert Kraft and the tempestuous circumstances under which he left New England; Wednesday's call focused on the positive. 
All the more reason to look forward to that speech.