NFL rule needs changing: Pass interference

NFL rule needs changing: Pass interference
January 21, 2014, 11:15 pm
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Which rules in the NFL would you change? Bob Neumeier knows his.

The NFL is great, but it's far from perfect.

In fact, there are plenty of rules in the NFL that some fans just can't stand.

Gary Tanguay was joined by Bob Neumeier on Early Edition, where the two discussed which rule changes they'd make.

For Neumie, it's pretty simple - pass interference!

"I cannot stand these bogus defensive pass interference calls that hand the team the game," Neumeier said. "Case in point, Browns and Pats, this bogus interference penalty that handed the game to [the Patriots]. I would give it 15 yards like the college rule, but with one exception - have the officials look at it like it's a penalty in the NHL . . . if you tackle a guy in the end zone . . . then the official has the right to put the ball on the 1-yard line or perhaps even call it a touchdown. I like the college rule though, 15 yards with the one exception of tackling a guy who's wide ope, an easy call in the end zone."

What rule change would you make?