Neumeier on Thompkins: Has 'nose for the football'

Neumeier on Thompkins: Has 'nose for the football'
August 23, 2013, 5:00 pm
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There wasn't much to feel good about after the Patriots took a 40-9 beating at the hands of the Lions on Thursday night.

Kenbrell Thompkins was one of those things.

The rookie receiver made eight catches for 116 yards, including a pair of long-yardage grabs for first downs. 

Bob Neumeier, Greg Dickerson and Mike Flynn broke down Thompkins' performance on UNO Sports Tonight and gave their impressions on his impact.

"(Danny) Amendola was out (Thursday), so all eyes were on the wide receiver," Neumeier said of Thompkins. "I got news for you, I'm impressed with this kid's nose for the football."

Flynn is quite the fan himself.

"One thing with receivers that you have to adjust to from college to the pros, the physicality of the cornerback, getting off the line of scrimmage," Flynn said. "These guys aren't used to that. He did a great job on those two deep balls...

"I like him. I think he deserves to be the starter at this point on the outside. But to me getting plays downfield now is another element to his game."