Neumeier: Patriots boosted by weak AFC East

Neumeier: Patriots boosted by weak AFC East
January 21, 2014, 11:30 pm
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Think the Patriots are good? Bob Neumeier says it's more that their division is bad.

The Patriot are virtually in the playoff picture every season.

They're always finishing with one of the best records in the NFL.

But the problem is, they aren't winning the Super Bowl. They haven't won in nine seasons.

Both sides of the ball struggled vs. Denver, but it's clear that for a lot of the season, the offense struggled. They were perhaps a player or two away from having an elite offense as in years past.

But Bob Neumeier says their record is misleading. It's a product of their weak division - and when they go up against talented teams, well, that's why they aren't winning Super Bowls.

"I think people need to get over the illusion of the Patriots being one of the top two or three teams in all of football for this very reason: They have beat up on the AFC East for years," Neumeier said. "Now it's not their fault. The Jets had two decent years. The Bills have been a joke. The Dolphins are coming back slowly but surely. But each and every year, the Patriots are almost handed, gifted a spot in the playoffs."

Felger looks at that differently. He says that if that's the case, then they should take advantage of the opportunity, get the right players in there, and "do their job" in the playoffs.