McCourty laughs at overreaction to Pettine playbook story

McCourty laughs at overreaction to Pettine playbook story
June 20, 2014, 1:30 pm
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PlaybookGate rolls on into Friday, this time with Patriots safety Devin McCourty chiming in on it.

McCourty was on NBC Sports Radio on Friday promoting the work he's doing for sickle cell disease when host Jason Page started things off by asking McCourty how ridiculous the whole thing is.

For those who missed it. Former Jets defensive coordinator and current Browns head coach Mike Pettine made a remark that the Patriots somehow "mysteriously" end up with their defensive playbook, and told a story of how Tom Brady bragged about having it once.

While it was meant as just a throw-in line in a very well-written article on Pettine by MMQB's Greg Bedard, it's the part that took off. (And by the way, Bedard isn't happy about it - he said so on CSNNE's Sports Tonight.)

All McCourty can really do is laugh about how it's been blown out of proportion.

"Yeah, it's funny," McCourty said. "You gotta realize that at this point in the year football is close enough that you can smell it and everyone wants to talk about it. But still not much going on to really talk about it on a daily basis. Anything can become a story and anything is something people want to hear about. Like you said, it's laughable when I heard the rumor we had the Jets playbook."

In reality, having a team's playbook doesn't do a whole lot for them anyways, McCourty said.

"I don't think. Not much," McCourty said. "I mean, for one you still don't know what they're calling when you get out there. I can give you 100 plays, but if you don't know which play I'm calling I don't know how much it'll help you anyway. I think when people hear playbook they automatically think if someone has someone else's playbook that means the game is over, they know everything they're going to do. But like you said, it's not true.

"So much goes into this game, especially once you get into the season on a weekly basis. Teams are doing things totally different from what they did the week before depending on who the next opponent is. So it's tough to even say that the game will be over if you have someone's playbook. But the whole thing is kind of crazy to even be talking about."