Mankins: 'Safest' for defender is going low

Mankins: 'Safest' for defender is going low
December 8, 2013, 7:15 pm
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The news on Rob Gronkowski isn't good.

It's believed that he has a torn ACL after taking a helmet to his right knee in the third quarter against the Browns.

Gronkowski could he heard screaming in pain on the ground, and was eventually carted off the field.

The defender who hit him, T.J. Ward, did not intentionally hit him to injure him, but with the NFL's rules against high hits and hits in the head, defenders are going low.

Patriots offensive lineman Logan Mankins joined Postgame Live to discuss that hit and hits like it.

Felger asked him if the NFL overemphasizes blows to the head, which leads to these types of leg injuries.

"Definitely. I got fined a couple weeks ago for head butting, which is out of control," Mankins said. "Other than that, if I was a safety or a corner and I had the option of going high or going low, I'm going low. I'm not going to take the fine, I'm not going to take the penalty that hurts my team. I'm going to go where the safest place to hit him for the defender is is going low. If you go high you're going to get a penalty and a fine, so there's a double jeopardy there. So those guys, it's unfortunate that it happens, but I can't blame those guys."