Lombardi with Patriots headed for the Combine

Lombardi with Patriots headed for the Combine
February 19, 2014, 3:30 pm
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Deposed Browns general manager Mike Lombardi was with the Patriots traveling contingent headed for Indy on Wednesday.
Lombardi, who was given the gate early last week, was at Logan Airport accompanying Bill Belichick, Nick Caserio and Josh McDaniels who were all flying to the NFL Combine, according to reports.
That lends further credence to already credible reports that Lombardi was poised to be hired by Belichick to work in the Patriots’ personnel department.
In other words, he’s working, but the Patriots haven’t confirmed it or sent out a press release on it. And they may never do so either.
Unless Lombardi landed a job with Jet Blue and just happened to be in the vicinity on Wednesday.
Lombardi’s a longtime friend and colleague of Belichick. Lombardi’s son, Mick, worked in the Patriots personnel department before decamping for the 49ers. Matt Lombardi is a part-time assistant in the Browns personnel department, at least up until last week.
Nick Caserio, Patriots Director of Player Personnel, has had a solid few seasons recruiting talent through the draft, trades and undrafted rookies. While Lombardi’s presence around the Patriots isn’t new -- he spent time with the team in 2011 during Super Bowl week -- Lombardi’s presence on staff will change the dynamic for Caserio and the rest of the personnel department.
We’ll see if that’s for better or worse.