Kraft reflects upon Bruschi's time with Patriots

Kraft reflects upon Bruschi's time with Patriots
May 21, 2013, 2:30 pm
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BOSTON – Tedy Bruschi, whose election to the Patriots Hall of Fame was announced Tuesday morning, was lauded by Patriots owner Robert Kraft at the NFL’s Spring Meeting at the Hyatt Harborside.
Kraft citied Bruschi’s game-clinching interception against the Miami Dolphins in 2003 when he slid into the end zone on his knees and touched off a snow-tossing fiesta in the stands and Bruschi playing with his kids on the field before Super Bowl 39 in Jacksonville,
Iconic moments. Less iconic, though, was the time Bill Parcells first laid eyes on Bruschi.
“I always remember 96 when we drafted him, I was standing next to Parcells in the bubble and he said, ‘Who’s that Mexican guy,’ ” Kraft recalled. “That always stuck out.”
No doubt.
Continuing, Kraft said, “Seeing the contributions (Bruschi) made and of course we’re big believers in trying to keep certain players as long as we can. He was one of those players who wanted to play here his whole career.”
And Bruschi did. Despite the stroke he suffered in early 2005 just weeks after he frolicked on the field in Jacksonville.  
“When he had the stroke and the hole in his heart, he and I had a chance to get very close. When he wanted to come back to play I insisted he go visit a couple doctors in New York who were not Patriots fans. I told him, certain decisions in life, you measure nine times and cut once. He followed that. He and (Bruschi’s wife) Heidi were great. … He’s someone who is very special.”