Just how real is the Patriots defense?

Just how real is the Patriots defense?
September 23, 2013, 9:15 pm
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While there's been plenty of fuss over the Patriots offense over the first few weeks of the season, there hasn't been a whole lot of talk about the defense.

That might be a good thing, actually. For the last few years it's been the defense that's taken the heat often. This season, though, the Patriots are near the top of the NFL in points allowed per game.

New England is allowing 11.3 points per game, good for a tie for second-best in the NFL behind the Seattle Seahawks. But the competition has been the Bills, Jets, and Bucs. You don't expect to see those teams in the postseason this year. And the competition gets harder coming up.

The guys on Sports Tonight discuss the Pats defense, how real it is, and how real the Dolphins are in the AFC East.

"I keep on hearing people say there's a shift now, and this team is suddenly becoming a defensive-minded team back to 03 and 04," Glenn Ordway said. "I hate to tell you there's a shift in the game, and you're going to see it over the next few weeks. Brady is going to have to get this offense in gear … I just don't see how this defense is going to shut all if these great offensive teams down every week."

Dan Shaughnessy says the preseason has been extended three weeks based on who the Pats have played, and isn't sure just how good the defense is.

The Pats will play the Falcons on Sunday, a team that the Dolphins just beat.

Kirk Minihane the says Fins could win 10 games this year, and they've proved more with wins over the Colts and Falcons so far.