Jones, Wilfork joke about last season's crushing hit

Jones, Wilfork joke about last season's crushing hit
May 14, 2013, 2:15 pm
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FOXBORO – “Hey Donald, remember that time when Vince Wilfork de-cleated you?”
“Yeah. Didn’t hurt.”
That was the jist of Jones’ recollections of a fairly thunderous hit by Wilfork last September when Jones, then a member of the Bills, worked over the middle for a screen at the line of scrimmage.  
“It actually looked a lot worse than what it was,” said Jones. “It didn’t hurt. I’m sure if he landed on me it would have hurt a lot more but he caught me in the air so the hit didn’t hurt.”
(That’s what Brandon Lloyd’s been trying to tell everyone . . . nobody gets hurt when they jump!!)
The hit has been mentioned since Jones has been a Patriot. And Jones says he and Wilfork have reminisced about it.
“Guys make jokes about it,” said Jones, who should certainly bear no shame for getting crushed. “That’s something I’ll never forget.
“I don’t even really remember how Vince ended up right there when I caught the ball but he was right there,” said Jones. “He read it well and he just caught me in the air. I guess that’s something D-lineman hope for is to catch a receiver coming over the middle so he got his thing that he always hoped for, I guess.”
The flak he’s taken for the hit always ends good-naturedly, said Jones. “They make a joke and at the end they’ll try to fix it over by saying, ‘Well, you got up anyway.' "