Hernandez photo removed from Hall of Fame

Hernandez photo removed from Hall of Fame
July 14, 2013, 12:00 pm
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A photo of Aaron Hernandez scoring a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers has been on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame since 2010, when the shot of the tight end celebrating his jaunt for six points won the institution's 43rd annual photography contest.

But, due to recent circumstances, the picture is no longer hanging up in Canton.

It seems the quest to clear Hernandez's name and image from all NFL records continues, as the Pro Football Hall of Fame has decided to remove the photo from its exhibit in light of the tight end's recent alleged transgressions.

"In the spirit of good taste, we thought we’d take it down,” said Joe Horrigan, the Hall of Fame’s vice president of communication and exhibits.

Not that the Hall felt the need to do this right away. In fact, the photo continued to be on display even after Hernandez's murder charge and it seems that only after several visitors complained about it remaining for viewing did the Hall of Fame act and take it down.

On the other hand, the Hernandez image has been removed even though the 23-year-old has only been charged, and is likely a number of months away from facing any sort of conviction.

Whatever the case, this isn't the first instance of the NFL attempting to wash its hands of Hernandez's sullied name. And this may not be the last we hear of this sweeping effort.