Greetings from Foxboro: Gronk opens up on rehab

Greetings from Foxboro: Gronk opens up on rehab
July 25, 2014, 5:30 pm
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Day . . . TWO of Patriots training camp is in the books.

The "hey, how are yas" are a thing of the past, and it's full on training camp goodness now.

And you know what made it even better? Rob Gronkowski spoke with the media.

And it wasn't just the classic "trying to improve every day" … "listening to the coaches and working hard" stuff we're accustomed to hearing from Gronk (although we got it).

He formed complete thoughts - and even sentences! Phil Perry, who joined Mike Giardi and Tom E. Curran on today's "Greeting" was thoroughly impressed by Gronk's interview skills.

"I thought after practice Gronk was great," Perry said. "The most honest we've ever seen him. Maybe one of the best interviews he's done with a group of reporters. . . . He talked about how it was a miserable process for him to go through the rehab and how he doesn't wish it upon anybody, and about how he thought last year his dream was taken away from him. He just loves being out here with his teammates and catching balls from Tom Brady. That's his dream. it was taken away, he says. Now he feels like he has it back. Sort of a renewed Gronk today."

Ah yes, Patriots training camp - where dreams come true!

We love ya, Gronk.

Giardi is looking elsewhere early on in camp.

"I'm going to be looking heavily at the defensive side of the ball, one of the first things I wanted to do," Giardi said. "Obviously you're going base defense first. You want to put that in. But I want to see if they press those corners. They press Browner, they press Revis, get up in those guys' faces because I think that's the way we think that they should play."

Sticking with the defense, Tom E. Curran was all about Jerod Mayo today. He wrote a story about him earlier, and then talked about it. Read it here, watch it above.

Check out the video for the guys' discussion of Tom Brady and the fact that he wants to play into his mid-40's. Do the guys think it's possible? Well, if the rookies (and according to Giardi, Danny Amendola) don't drive him crazy first.

Have a good weekend!