Felger: 'That started to look like Patriots offense'

Felger: 'That started to look like Patriots offense'
October 13, 2013, 11:15 pm
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We saw a little something out of the Patriots offense that we haven't seen in a while: the hurry-up.

Tom Brady and the Pats kept the Saints on their toes on Sunday, getting to the line quick and trying to catch the Saints off-guard.

It worked for a while, as New England jumped out to a 10-point lead.

Mike Felger, Mike Flynn, and Troy Brown discussed what they saw out of it.

"The pace and the tempo that they played with in the first half, and they were dominating," Flynn said. "I saw that I think it was the Buccaneer game in the second quarter they had about a two- or three-minute run there or five minutes where they played at that tempo. They haven't done it since. This no-huddle, up-tempo get to the line of scrimmage. Now is that because Brady is not comfortable with it? Josh McDaniels and his receivers can't get on the same page. But at some point you are what you are. And that's what Tom Brady likes. That's when they're successful with this offensive line, spread teams out and do that. They got to that in the first half."

Felger agreed with what Flynn noticed, saying the Pats offense looked like, well, the Pats offense.

"I love the way the Patriots came out offensively … That looked like the Patriots offense there. It was a really strong start by Brady and the offense, then it sort of went bye-bye for maybe an quarter and a half or so and you did't see it again until that last drive. That's where the magic happened."