Felger: Hard to make case for Tebow as QB

Felger: Hard to make case for Tebow as QB
August 19, 2013, 9:30 pm
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Michael Felger might be Tim Tebow's biggest fan in New England. But even he can't find anything good to say about the Patriots' third-string quarterback.

Felger joined Lou Merloni and Andy Gresh on UNO Sports Tonight to talk Patriots -- Tebow, specifically -- and the group pointed out Tebow's less-than-stellar numbers through two preseason games.

Tebow's 26.3 completion percentage is last in the NFL, while his yards per attempt (2.8) and QB rating (17.7) also ranked near the bottom of the league.

Felger was defenseless.

"It's too depressing," Felger said. "I'll say this, if it's possible he's been worse than those numbers would indicate. He's been awful. So I'm too depressed to give you a big picture thought of Tim Tebow. It's not about me, I'm not the one who's giving him the job. Bill Belichick is giving him the job and Bill Belichick still has him on the team and Belichick has said he actually improved. You explain that to me. Tell me what Belichick's doing."

Felger isn't even sure he should make the team.

"It's hard to make the case that he deserves to make the team based on these two preseason games," he said. "Tebow's always been a leap of faith for any of us who've tried to support the guy, who've tried to project what he could be, intangibles, but when he plays this bad, it's hard."