Curran's pregame thoughts for Patriots-Panthers

Curran's pregame thoughts for Patriots-Panthers
November 18, 2013, 8:00 pm
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CHARLOTTE -- A few final thoughts before the Patriots and Panthers get started.
* The head official this week is Clete Blakeman, the first time the Patriots have had Clete and the Boys this season.
* I spoke at length to Aaron Dobson on Saturday about stringing two good games together and the chore of consistency. He told me that after the Steelers game, “I had to let it go quick. I’ve found I can’t ride the highs too long, can’t ride the lows too long. You can’t live off of one game.” Dobson has made significant strides since preseason when the speed and physicality of the game seemed almost overwhelming for him. It takes some mental toughness to make that leap. “There’s a lot of thinking," he said. "And when you’re thinking it’s hard to just go out there and play your game because you’re thinking too much. I’m just tyring to eliminate the thinking as I get more comfortable with my offense.”
* The Patriots haven’t lost on grass since falling to the Cleveland Browns in 2011.
* Aside from a 17-point explosion against the Dolphins in the third quarter, the Patriots have scored just 12 points in the 120 minutes of third quarter play in the other eight games.
* On the flippy, the Patriots have scored 44 in the first quarter (shut out four times), 81 in the second quarter and 80 in the fourth quarter (buoyed by 28 against the Steelers).
* The Panthers have allowed just eight first-quarter points this season.