Curran in April: Pats could be interested in Tebow

Curran in April: Pats could be interested in Tebow
June 10, 2013, 6:00 pm
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When the Jets released Tim Tebow in April, Tom E. Curran said it "shouldn’t surprise anyone if the Patriots make a play" for the controversial quarterback. And so they did. Here's what Tom wrote back on the day:

Tim Tebow, who has sadly transformed into the NFL's Kardashian, was released on Monday.
Famous for being famous. That’s what the decent, hard-working, eternally sunny Tebow is noteworthy for since his blocky-head has bumped up against the NFL’s expectations for quarterbacks being able to throw footballs well.
The Jets did him no favors when they traded fourth- and sixth-round picks to the Broncos last March and agreed to pay Tebow $2.53 million of a salary advance the Broncos committed to.
At the time, the deal seemed yet another “Look at us!” decision by an organization that’s been photo-bombing the NFL for going on five seasons. With Mark Sanchez newly signed to an extension he didn’t deserve, what commitment could be made to Tebow? And what impact would he have on Sanchez?
The answers turned out to be “none” and “a bad one.”
Now with Tebow untethered, teams are lining up to distance themselves from rumors they’ll employ Tebow next. About the only team that could swallow up the Tebow-circus by simply applying the dour death stare to all entreaties about his presence is the Patriots.
And, while New England’s interest is still unlikely, it's more likely than many other teams’ would be.
The Patriots did express interest in Tebow prior to the 2010 draft. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was in charge when Denver used a first-round pick on Tebow. The Patriots love versatility and the hard-charging, solidly built Tebow is an effective runner and can at least bring the threat of throwing the ball.
Efforts to gauge the Patriots’ interest in Tebow have yielded nothing so far. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone if the Patriots make a play.