Brown: Patriots will still be successful without Hernandez

Brown: Patriots will still be successful without Hernandez
September 3, 2013, 9:45 pm
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Patriots Hall of Famer Troy Brown joined Gary Tanguay in studio for Sports Tonight where the two caught up after a summer away, and then discussed the Aaron Hernandez situation a bit more.

Brown gave his take when the news initially broke, but now having some more time to get all the facts and think about it, he gave his opinion on that and how the Patriots will do.

"I still think it's just absolutely crazy," Brown said. "Something that was totally unexpected by me, you, and everybody else not just in this community but across in the country. I think I see the Patriots still being successful because they have a unique ability to just keep adapting to the type of players they have on their football team, and they will use those players to the best of their abilities. And when you have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick back there calling the shots, you always have a chance to win."

Hernandez has "character issues" heading into the NFL, but Brown has played with and against guys that have had that label tied to them in the past, and never once thought they were capable of murder. He can say the same about Hernandez.

"Anytime you have a player that can have some character issues, you always think that if they're going to blow their chance, they're going to blow their chance by doing some drugs or something, or getting too many DUI's or going to jail for something else," Brown said. "You never expect a teammate to be accused of murder and that would be the reason that he wouldn't be on the football team. I would just never would have thought that. Never."

Tanguay wonders if there is a gun culture in pro sports nowadays that plays into the numerous incidents involving firearms. Brown says that while there may be more guns in sports than ever before, there's also a bigger gun problem in America as a whole, and pro sports shouldn't be singled out by it.

"I have a problem with people always pointing to professional athletes and these type of people," Brown said. "But it's an American problem. America has a problem with guns. Everybody is fascinated with guns. If you want to use guns, learn to use it the proper way. Get it registered or whatever you need to do with it. But I think America has a problem with it.

"Yes, if you want to say that professional sport has a problem with guns, you can say that, but I think it's an American problem. Especially when it comes to well-known people and well-known athletes. We're held to a different standard than rock stars and everybody else. We can do the same thing as a rock star does and be vilified for it, and rock stars just go and make more and more money."