Brown: Bengals defense 'confused' Patriots

Brown: Bengals defense 'confused' Patriots
October 6, 2013, 9:30 pm
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The Patriots offense seemed headed in the right direction following their win in Atlanta, but against the Cincinnati Bengals, the offense went backward, as they scored their fewest points in a game since 2006.

Eric Frede, Troy Brown and Mike Flynn discussed the Patriots offensive woes on Sportsnet Central.

“You can’t really look at the past few weeks because I thought they were getting better but then this week they saw a different type of defense from the Cincinnati Bengals,” Brown said. “They played a swarming defense where they got in these receivers’ face. They played some press coverage and mixed things up a little bit here and there and kept them confused the entire game.”

Tom Brady struggled throwing the ball, as he completed 18-of-38 passes for 166 yards and an interception.

“This game, I think it was a product of – you look at the pressure, the hits they had on him, the sacks – his clock in his head had to deliver it early,” Flynn said. “If his first and second reeds weren’t available, maybe he had to force a few throws or get rid of it a little earlier than he wanted to.”