Brady, Brees oppose Calif. compensation bill in op-ed

Brady, Brees oppose Calif. compensation bill in op-ed
June 24, 2013, 12:15 pm
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The NFL and NFLPA are at a disagreement again. This time, it's over workers' compensation changes in California

State legislators are considering a change to its workers' compensation system that would make it more difficult for pro football players to receive benefits for football-related injuries. 

The bill -- officially known as Assembly Bill 1309 -- was approved by the California Assembly in May and now awaits approval by the State Senate. 

While the NFL appears to be in full support of ending the "rampant abuse" of the California workers' compensation system, the NFLPA took a different stance, citing why the bill shouldn't be approved. 

Now the disapproval has gone a step further, as Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Saints quarterback Drew Brees voiced their opinions by writing an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle that ran on Monday.

"AB1309 unfairly targets professional athletes by attempting to classify them differently than other interstate workers, such as pilots, migrant workers, construction workers or actors," the piece read. "California law allows any out-of-state worker with appropriate contacts (as determined by a judge) to file a claim. This bill would exempt players, leaving no room for judges to make fair and reasonable decisions for thousands of pending and legitimate claims by professional athletes. There are players - real people with real families - out there who are literally fighting to save their legs and get the medical care they need for the injuries they suffered at work."