Blount credits O-line for rushing renaissance

Blount credits O-line for rushing renaissance
January 13, 2014, 6:00 pm
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FOXBORO -- Every week the spotlight on LeGarrette Blount has shined brighter.

The running back set a franchise record Saturday with four rushing touchdowns in New England's AFC divisional win over Indianapolis. Including that performance, Blount has 431 rushing yards and eight touchdowns in his last three games.

Impressive by any standard. But when Blount looked back he didn't see perfection, and that's what he wants to unleash this weekend against Denver.

"I could do a lot of improving," he said Monday. "We watched the film and I saw a couple holes I could have hit, I saw a couple cuts I could have made. I’m just going to try to go out there, look at what they’re going to give me and hopefully exploit some of their weaknesses."

You don't have to look far for the praise Blount deflects; it is usually heaped on the offensive line.

"They've been hot all season, they just haven't been given the recognition."

It's usually 'No news is good news' for an O-line.

The job doesn't get a lot of press because it doesn't have stats like offensive skill players. Linemen might help generate explosive plays, but they don't really finish them, and viewers keep their eyes on the ball. If a quarterback is taking a lot of sacks or running backs keep getting stuffed, well, that's when the questions get asked and stories get written.

Blount has a much different view -- literally.

When he sets up behind the Patriots line he feels nothing but confidence. And not just for Pro Bowl left guard Logan Mankins.

"I feel like that about all of them. I don't have a problem running left, I don't have a problem running right, in the middle, or the outside," he insisted.

"They've been playing amazing all year. Logan [Mankins] is the only one who got to the Pro Bowl, but I feel like they should have been there. The way guys have filled in for other guys when we've had injuries, I feel like they should all be there with the way they've stepped up tremendously in the last half of the season."

New England is taking the league's best ground game into the AFC Championship. No matter who takes credit for it.