Belichick says execution cost Patriots in Cincy

Belichick says execution cost Patriots in Cincy
October 7, 2013, 2:00 pm
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Now that Bill Belichick has had a chance to go over the film of Sunday's 13-6 loss to the Bengals in Cincinnati, the Patriots coach feels the same way he felt immediately after the game. And he discussed those feelings in a conference call on Monday.

"I feel like, going through the film this morning pretty much reflected what we thought after the game," said Belichick, "which was, we definitely had our chances, but we just weren’t able to make enough plays in the end to have the outcome come out in our favor. It was in all three phases of the game. There were some good things, obviously we did enough things to make it a real competitive game, to go down to the wire, but we just couldn’t make enough plays that we needed to make to turn it in our favor, as we have a couple other times this year."

At least in the short-term, New England's offensive outing on Sunday in Cincinnati is a concern. There have been questions all season with some of Tom Brady's weapons in the receiving game, but with only two field goals and no touchdowns against the Bengals, that topic has once again come to the forefront.

Belichick isn't blaming the quality of personnel for those offensive struggles though. He's focused on execution -- or a lack thereof -- on Sunday.

"We just didn’t overall offensively perform to the level that we did last week or that we’re capable of doing," said Belichick on Monday. "I think everybody is accountable for that, the coaching staff, the players, again, I certainly give Cincinnati credit there. They have a good defensive front and they played well, but we have to do a better job than that. We put ourselves in too many long-yardage situations. We couldn’t convert in the red area and had some consistency running the ball, but not nearly enough in the passing game, and not in any critical situations. We have to do better in all those areas. That’s all of us. I don’t think it’s any one guy or any one thing."