Belichick: 'I've been blown up' on the sidelines

Belichick: 'I've been blown up' on the sidelines
November 29, 2013, 10:15 am
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FOXBORO -- When Bill Belichick saw Steelers coach Mike Tomlin veer a little too closely to the field of play during the Thanksgiving night game between the Steelers and Ravens game, he said, "Oh my god."

"It could easily happen to any of us," he explained on Friday morning. "It's a good lesson . . . Be careful."

In fact, according to Belichick, it's happened to him in the past where he's found himself caught up in the action more than he would have liked.

"Yeah I've been blown up a couple times," he said. "There's one play in particular there where I was watching the pass rush up front as the ball was thrown. I didn't really follow the ball that quickly and all of a sudden the guy was right on top of me. Ended up under the Gatorade bench.

"Obviously if you're watching the ball it shouldn't be that much of a problem, but if you're watching something else or . . . Obviously we gotta give the officials and the players room to play and sometimes that just happens where you get guys caught up a little bit on the sideline."

Belichick was asked if he remembered what game it was where he ended up on the wrong end of a hit. Normally fairly willing to divulge details of moments of games from years ago, this was one story Belichick didn't get into.

"I sure do [remember]," he said with a smile. "Looking up at the cups and the Gatorade dripping down . . ."

Maybe there's video evidence out there somewhere of the hit. If there is, one would assume it's only a matter of time before it ends up on YouTube. Until then, expect the number of "Belichick trampled" Google searches to see a bump.