Belichick breaks down Patriots final drive

Belichick breaks down Patriots final drive
October 14, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Bill Belichick loved Sunday’s win over the Saints. So much so that, when asked to run through the Patriots’ game-winning drive, he dissected it down-by-down.
For whatever reason, Belichick’s been very expansive over his past two press conferences. So might as well strike while the iron is hot and share his detailed recollection of how the drive went down:

“We had the ball with a little over a minute and no timeouts," Belichick started. "We needed to go 70 yards, we had to get the ball down the field. The first play, I think we ran four receivers and hit [Julian] Edelman down the seam and that got us into New Orleans territory. At least at that point, you felt like you may have a shot to throw for the end zone. We felt like we had a little bit of time to execute a couple plays, especially if we could get out of bounds.
“I think Tom [Brady] hit [Austin] Collie over the middle on an in cut. Between the seam and the in cut, that gave us a decent chunk of yardage. I think they were playing off the receivers a little bit, after we completed that second pass to Collie. Tom threw out to [Aaron] Dobson, really trying to stop the clock and Aaron did a good job of getting out of bounds. We were kind of fortunate to get out of bounds there. It certainly wouldn’t have been worth it to pick up five yards and get tackled in bounds so getting out of bounds was really the key play there.
“However much time there was left, like 30-some seconds, we again tried to hit Edelman down the seam, similar to the first play of the drive which was close and then we tried to hit him, we were running vertical routes and Edelman came clean a little bit on the second one there over the middle, sort of across the field, sort of a crossing route when Tom stepped up in the pocket. We didn’t quite get that that one so then it was fourth down and there was still a decent amount of time left, somewhere around 30 seconds or something like that and then we had a play that we wanted to get the first down on, which that was the option route there to Collie.
“Then I think we spiked it, after we picked up the first down. Then with 10 seconds left, we felt like we had two plays to get the ball in the end zone. We had, I think, Julian came out after the second incompletion down there around the one-yard line when he got hit on the goal line and then he came out for a play or two. Then we were able to get him back in there again, to try to get a little more speed on the field to try to get into the end zone.
“We had some matchups, it looked like they played quarters coverage across the board, they were kind of singled up on our four wide receivers with some underneath help from the linebackers. KT [Kenbrell Thompkins] got outside of [Jabari] Greer, Tom put the ball over Greer and outside of him and KT made a good catch there. Really, I thought it was a closer play than it was in the game but looking at it on film, he was well in bounds. He left enough space there, Tom got the ball there up over the top of Greer and that was it.”
Yes, it was.