Barkley: When Belichick, Brady leave, Pats will suck

Barkley: When Belichick, Brady leave, Pats will suck
January 12, 2014, 8:00 pm
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If Charles Barkley was about 15 years younger, Bill Belichick would probably try to make him into a tight end.

But the NBA Hall of Famer is instead just a fan of Belichick's and the Patriots, and was in the team's locker room after Saturday night's win over the Colts.

He held court for a couple minutes, talking about just how good the Patriots have been over the years - and how rare that is.

"In 99 percent of the cities in every other sport, not just football, your team sucks. You have no chance at winning," Barkley said. "The Patriots have a legitimate chance at winning every year. That's pretty cool. It bothers me that y'all don't appreciate them having a chance to win every year."

Barkley is generalizing by saying nobody appreciates the Patriots. Some do more than others. But his point is valid - this type of dominance doesn't come around often or at all.

"I'm impressed with the Patriots organization, because they've lost so many people, and y'all take winning for granted," Barkley said. "Y'all do. And let me tell y'all something. When Bill Belichick leaves and Tom Brady leaves, your team is going to [expletive] suck."