Back for a visit, Welker gets 'a bit sad'

Back for a visit, Welker gets 'a bit sad'
June 20, 2013, 12:00 am
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CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. – Back in Boston on Wednesday for an event at Capital Grille, Wes Welker admitted to getting sentimental.
“It made me a little bit sad,” Welker said at a press conference alongside Dr. Robert Leonard, who performed a hair restoration on Welker last July. “Had so many years here and such a great time but you know you (don’t try to think about it too much) just look to the future and hope for the best.”
Welker’s mane was the main reason for his trip back to Boston and he lauded the work of Dr. Leonard, saying, “I'm fortunate enough to be here with Dr. Leonard and kind of showing everybody the transformation he's made on my hair and how it's coming in. I don't have to hide underneath the helmet anymore or a hat. I can actually style it a little bit and do some different things. I'd like to thank him for helping me out with that and helping my balding ways.”
(Disclosure, Dr. Leonard patched up my bald spot as well and is a sponsor for "Quick Slants.").  
Welker fielded about 10 minutes worth of questions, rebuffing repeated requests for comment about embattled tight end Aaron Hernandez.
“I don’t really have any comment on that,” Welker said. “I just wish him the best. It’s a very sensitive time for that and I don’t have any comment on that.”
Welker, who took a red-eye flight into Boston Wednesday morning and was planning to attend the Bruins game Wednesday night, was warmed by the reception of people around town.
“It was cool, I was walking around Boston and people were coming up and saying, ‘Thank you for everything,’ and people tonight being very gracious,” he explained. “It’s been really cool to come back and see that. I was afraid they might throw stones at me but they’ve been more than great to me.”
Welker signed with Denver in March after deciding to test the free agent market. The Patriots moved quickly to sign Danny Amendola in Welker’s place and, just like that, Welker’s tenure as a Patriot ended.
“Anytime you spend six years somewhere it’s always tough to make that transition and you almost feel like a rookie again,” Welker said of going to Denver. “I take so many things away from New England as far as what I learned as a football player and understanding the game. Being on a big stage in a big city like Boston is about as high as it gets.
“(There are) never any regrets,” he added. “You go out there and play your game and don’t really look back. It’s the business side of football and as a player you don’t like it but you understand it. You just move on.
Welker said he’s remained in touch with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
“Tom and I are obviously very close, so I talk to him every once in a while," he said. "I've enjoyed my time in Denver so far and I'm really looking forward to the team we have there and what we might be able to accomplish.
Asked to compare Brady and Manning, Welker noted, “They’re both professionals. It’s obvious they’re the best in the game and the way they study and prepare it speaks volumes to why they are successful.”