Assessing the loss of Dante Scarnecchia

Assessing the loss of Dante Scarnecchia
April 23, 2014, 3:45 pm
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The Patriots have had a busy offseason, but one of the transactions that may have gone a bit unnoticed by the masses is the retirement of offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia.

Scarnecchia has been around the Patriots for the last 31 - yes, 31 - years, and has made his mark on the offensive line.

Now, though, he's gone. Replaced by Dave DeGuglielmo.

The guys on Patriots Talk TV discuss what this means for the Pats.

"Toughest loss the Patriots suffered in the offseason was losing Scar heading off into retirement," Mike Giardi said. "And I know they have a great foundation there with Solder, Mankins, and Vollmer, all guys that were high draft picks for this team. But can the younger players, some of the guys they're going to need to step in and fill the void, can they be coached up by the new guy?"

That remains to be seen, but Phil Perry isn't hitting the panic button - at least not when it comes to the draft. He's not spending a first round pick on the O-line.

"I'm not," Perry said, "because I still believe in this group and I believe in the foundation that you talked about, Mike, I think there's enough guys who played under Scar, who played in the system, that they're going to be able to carry on even without Scar."

Tom E. Curran goes on to talk about the new coach, DeGuglielmo.

"Explosive guy, loud, combative, outspoken . . . Heard he's a good coach . . . I think the Patriots and the offensive line, they're going to feel the loss but I don't think it'll be too drastic."