Amendola doesn't regret playing hurt vs. Bills

Amendola doesn't regret playing hurt vs. Bills
September 25, 2013, 2:00 pm
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FOXBORO -- When Danny Amendola went to the sidelines just before halftime against the Bills, it wasn’t just his groin feeling pressure.
The weight of expectations for the 27-year-old in replacing Wes Welker, the pressure of showing he was as tough as the man who preceded him, the desire to perform for his new bosses and his new fanbase, the need to prove wrong people who called him injury-prone -- all that, in addition to the searing pain in his adductors, weighed on Amendola as he left the field and went into the visitor’s locker room in Buffalo.
There, Amendola decided to suck it up and play in the second half. He dominated the fourth quarter and was -- as much as anyone -- responsible for the Patriots winning.
He hasn’t played since and it’s been reported that his adductor tore away from his bone. Surgery will not be performed to reattach it so Danny Amendola is, in essence, playing with a detached adductor.
Amendola was asked about playing the second half against the Bills.
“I don’t have any regrets, no,” said Amendola, who’s been practicing with the team in a limited capacity since last week.
Is there any way to know if the injury worsened when he returned?
“There’s no way,” he said. “I don’t know. I’m not sure. I felt like I could play and right now I’m focused on getting better and back on the field.”
In the aftermath of the Amendola injury, one issue that hasn’t been delved into is whether or not someone should have stopped him from playing the second half.
The Patriots are loath to discuss injuries -- even run-of-the-mill ones. But the process by which an obviously ailing Amendola was cleared to go back on the field is one that deserves more investigation.
Onus is on the player to honestly communicate how injured he is. But the desire of a player to risk long-term health for short-term reward is omnipresent. He has to be, in some cases, protected from himself.
Asked what transpired at halftime that allowed him to get back on the field, Amendola said, “We got a lot of good trainers here. They do a great job. Felt good going into the second half and I was able to play.”
Was he working on adrenaline?
Amendola replied, “A lot of adrenaline in the NFL, yeah.”

As for his recuperation, Amendola said, "I anticipate being 100 percent shortly."