Wallace, die-hard Pats fan, left Gillette early

Wallace, die-hard Pats fan, left Gillette early
October 14, 2013, 1:45 pm
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WALTHAM, Mass. — One of the few rules of fandom, especially when it involves New England's pro sports teams, is that a game isn't really over until it's truly over.

Celtics forward Gerald Wallace knows this all too well now.

A die-hard Red Sox and Patriots fan, Wallace nearly missed out on both of his favorite teams' come-from-behind wins this weekend. Wallace was watching Game 2 between the Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers, but tuned out the game when Boston fell behind 5-0 after a pair of Tigers home runs in the sixth inning.

"When we gave up the two home runs in the sixth, I turned the TV off, started playing XBox," Wallace said.

That didn't last long, however.

"Something just told me, I had that feeling in my body, turn the TV back on," Wallace said.

Moments after he turned back to the game, up to the plate came David Ortiz who drilled a game-tying grand slam in the bottom of the eighth inning.

"It was amazing considering I had just been cussing and arguing with the TV over the sixth inning," Wallace said.

Wallace was not quite as fortunate with the New England Patriots' come-from-behind win over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. In lots of ways, this was even worse.

Wallace wasn't just watching the game, but he was in fact at Gillette Stadium -- the first Patriots game he attended at the stadium.

But like many fans, Wallace left Gillette after Brady's fourth-quarter interception with about two minutes to play.

"I figured two minutes left, playing the Saints, I figured they would just run the ball down," Wallace said. "And our run defense is kind of struggling with Vince (Wilfork) hurt. So I figured they would run the clock out. And we only had one time-out, so we could only stop the clock one time."

After a three-and-out by the Patriots defense, they got it back in just enough time -- scratch that; with five seconds to spare -- for Tom Brady to engineer yet another how-did-he-pull-that-off comeback to hand New Orleans a 30-27 defeat, their first loss of the season.

So Wallace's first game at Gillette Stadium came down to the wire, ended with a Brady game-winning touchdown pass, and Wallace didn't stick around long enough to see it?

Reminded of this, Wallace chuckled, "Come on, you're killing me right now. You poking me right now!"