Ryan: Rondo and Cousins a 'combustible package'

Ryan: Rondo and Cousins a 'combustible package'
December 18, 2013, 6:30 am
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Former CSNNE Celtics analyst Donny Marshall made some waves today when he said that according to people he's talked to, Rajon Rondo is likely to be traded to the Sacramento Kings.

The details? Well, there weren't any details.

CSNNE.com Celtics Insider A. Sherrod Blakely talked to his own sources who said it simply wasn't true.

Gary Tanguay and the Boston Globe's Bob Ryan discussed the shot-down trade anyways, because hey you never know!

"I looked at their full roster and there are only two guys I want on that roster," Ryan said. "One would be Isaiah Thomas who is having an under-the-radar excellent year - by the way officially crowned as the shortest starter in the league, I read this just today. Number two, Ben McLemore who is not going off the charts, he's averaging eight points a game, but he is a very talented midsize player and he was a highly touted prospect."

The deal would almost certainly include draft picks as well.

"But the picks, more picks," Ryan said. "Danny would have so many picks to dangle in front of other people . . . and we know that when he did it in 2007 on draft day, and when he had the picks, and Al Jefferson ready to go. So it's very enticing with all those players. Rondo, specifically, I agree with you, it's more than likely he's going to be an asset."

Ryan wonders if Rondo's attitude will ever change. If not, there could be some issues in Sac Town.

"That's a combustible package, my friend," Ryan said. "That is a situation. Cousins is untouchable. He's terrific. Talent wise, you could have argued that he should have been the first pick in the draft."