Rondo: 'I will never play for the Miami Heat'

Rondo: 'I will never play for the Miami Heat'
July 15, 2013, 9:30 am
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Rajon Rondo is no stranger to trade rumors. Just this past weekend it was mentioned that the Pistons might be interested in acquiring the Celtics All-Star point guard. He's talented enough, and his contract is friendly enough, that there figure to be plenty of teams interested in his services.

If Rondo has his way, though, he'll never have to move to South Beach to play for the Heat. During his basketball camp last week, he took questions from campers and was asked about the possibility of ever playing for the newly-minted back-to-back NBA champions.

"I will never play for the Miami Heat," Rondo said simply.

With that answer, he earned himself a nice ovation from the crowd -- probably some of whom were Celtics fans still stinging from Ray Allen's departure for Boston in favor of Miami.