Rondo: 'I don't really like anyone I play against'

Rondo: 'I don't really like anyone I play against'
January 20, 2014, 8:15 pm
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MIAMI — Rajon Rondo has a well-deserved reputation for stepping his game up against the best opponents, on the biggest and brightest of stages.

But his feelings towards opponents, regardless of their status, is a constant.

"I don't really like anyone I play against," Rondo said on the eve of facing the Miami Heat for the first time this season, on Tuesday. "That's the type of attitude I approach the game with. It's a business. We're not friends on the court. After this, it's a different story. But while we're playing, I'm trying to win."

But few teams seem to bring out Rondo's competitive juices more than the Miami Heat who have eliminated Boston from the playoffs in two of the last three seasons.

Although Celtics head coach Brad Stevens hasn't spent a great deal of time around Rondo, he has been around him long enough to know that his competitive nature runs deep.

"He's a competitor," Stevens said. "He wants to play well against the best and it's hard to argue that the Heat aren't the best. So I would assume that would be the case with anyone that has that reputation. He wants to win at everything that he's doing."

But as far as not liking all opponents, that's where Stevens and Rondo's approach differ.

"I don't think it matters," Stevens said. "You focus on doing your job; let everything else take care of itself. That ends up being the most consistent way to long-term success. Certainly you're going to have teams or people that you may not like, but that has nothing to do with whether you're ultimately successful."