Maxwell: Celtics don't need to tank to lose

Maxwell: Celtics don't need to tank to lose
January 30, 2014, 9:45 am
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If people think the Celtics need to tank -- as in losing purposefully -- in order to get a good draft pick, they're wrong. The losing will come naturally.

That's what Cedric Maxwell told Bob Neumeier and Joe Haggerty on Sports Tonight on Tuesday.

"I know you guys think that you need to lose games or tank games, but it's going to happen naturally," Maxwell said. "You can't manufacture these things."

Instead of focusing on getting the best pick possible, Maxwell insisted that the best thing for the Celtics to do right now is make sure that they are developing their younger players.

Agree with the former Celtic? Should the Celtics be strictly concerned about making sure their younger players player?