Mark Jackson tears into Brian Scalabrine, Darren Erman

Mark Jackson tears into Brian Scalabrine, Darren Erman
May 8, 2014, 12:45 pm
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Former Celtics legend (and CSNNE broadcaster) Brian Scalabrine did not have a very good go of his first season as an assistant coach with the Warriors.

Clearly, he and head coach Mark Jackson did not see eye-to-eye, and Scalabrine was banished to the Warriors' D-League affiliate in March.

It's uncommon for the coaching staff to butt heads to that degree, but Scal wasn't the only assistant coach gone from the team before the season was over. Another assistant, Darren Erman, was fired for violating an unspecified team policy that ESPN later reported was Erman recording conversations with other coaches and players unbeknownst to them.

Erman was quickly scooped back up by the Celtics and made Director of NBA Scouting. Scalabrine was relieved of his duties on the same day Mark Jackson was fired by the Warriors after their first round exit to the Clippers.

Jackson spoke to the NBA's Sirius XM radio station on Wednesday where he lit into both Scalabrine and Erman, and refused to mention either of them by name.

It appears that whatever Scalabrine did to bother Jackson had been going on for quite some time, and Jackson just finally had enough of it after he realized Scalabrine wasn't going to change. Jackson regrets hiring both assistants.

“The one that was demoted [Scalabrine], I would have had handled it six weeks, a month, two months earlier,' Jackson said. "The things that took place from his side, I would have nipped it in the bud initially. That’s my fault for allowing it to go on. I’m pretty much a guy, just like ministry, I try to show you a different way of handling it. Hope that seeing me handle your disrespect, you’ll come around and realize this isn’t the way to handle it. Fortunately for me, it works for a lot of folks, there are some folks that just won’t get it and you have to handle them differently. I would do that differently.

“As far as assistants, you have to pick people who are loyal and dedicated. It’s inexcusable what the second assistant [Erman] did. That cannot be tolerated. For folks to say, two situations, it’s obviously documented that they both were 100 percent wrong. The only fault I got is hiring those guys. I would use wisdom in who is around me.”

It sure sounds like Jackson felt both Scalabrine and Erman were trying going behind his back and maybe even take his job from him, although he said he was speaking "in general" terms.

“Some people are pretty determined to be successful in life. Some people, it’s not enough to go from being a bottom assistant to moving up another step and another step. Some people are anxious and excited to try to climb all the way to your seat. That’s unfortunate. Because whatever job I’ve been called to do, I want to do that job with everything in me, and have no eyes on anybody else’s job. That’s just not how I do business.”

If anybody's anxious to climb into Jackson's next seat, it may be one in the broadcaster's booth.

h/t SI's Point Forward blog